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G-KAP Anti-Bacterial Cap Product Information

Smoking Without G-KAP

Smoking of commonly inhaled materials including various herbs and alternative blends poses hazards to your health, such as increased risk of microbial transference and spreading of other common germs when shared amongst various participants or even for personal use. These infective microbes can linger for unexpectedly long periods on dry surfaces, ranging from minutes to weeks, on materials such as glass and plastic and only require a touch in order to be transferred.

Smoking With G-KAP

The G-Kap smoking accessory was developed for the purpose of reducing microbial activity on a variety of smoking devices ranging from water/tobacco pipes, to ‘bongs’ and vaporization devices. We’ve added a healthy concentration of the IONPURE™ antibacterial additive in order to greatly reduce and eliminate the bacterial growth on our product. Keeping in mind that there are countless types and styles of bongs and pipes available, we had to select a flexible, formable polymer compound that would be able to universally accommodate various shapes and sizes. We recommend changing our your G-KAP every 60-90 days to ensure maximum protection.

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How It Works

IONPURE is a structurally altered glass with strong antimicrobial properties. In the presence of moisture, the IONPURE™ additive gradually releases silver ions that function as antibacterial agents. When the positively charged silver ions encounter negatively charged bacteria, the silver ions bind to the bacteria’s cellular enzymes and disrupt the electrical balance of the bacteria. This process reduces all further enzyme activity and prevents multiplication. As a result, the bacteria dies off.
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